Leafmur is a grass-type, and is the grass starter of Pokémon Dawn. It evolves into Jestmur at <level>, and then into Jestropic at <level>. It is <height> in height, and it weighs <weight>. Like all grass starters, it has the ability Overgrow. In the Dawn Pokédex, its number is #001, and it is classified as the Leaf Pokémon.



Leafmur vaguely resembles a lemur, and is usually seen sat on its hind legs. Its underbelly and tail is a vibrant green, and its skin tone is a bright yellow. According to its Pokédex entry, it is covered in fur, which is actually grass. On it's head is a hat that looks like it is made out of three blades of grass, and on the end of it's tail is a leaf. It also has a green collar around its neck.

Gender DifferencesEdit


Special AbilitiesEdit


Game DataEdit

Pokedex EntryEdit

What appears to be a coat of fur is actually tiny blades of grass. Its playful smile is said to be able to heal hurt Pokémon.

Game LocationEdit



HP: 40

Attack: 60

Defense: 49

Special Attack: 56

Special Defense: 55

Speed: 53


By Level Up

-) Tackle -) Growl 7) Razor Leaf 10) Slash 15) Vine Whip 15) Leech Seed 20) Leaf Blade 25) Bullet Seed 32) Growth 42) Solarbeam

  • Note: This moveset is from the demo, and may change in the full version.





Leafmur - Back


  • Leafmur shares its species name with Chikorita[1] and Bayleef[2]. They are all known as the Leaf Pokémon.
    • Coincidentally, Leafmur and Bayleef also have similar colours.
  • In its level-up moveset in the demo, Leafmur can only learn grass- and normal-type moves.


Leafmur is based upon a lemur. It was designed by Teatoo.

Name OriginEdit

Leafmur's name is a combination of leaf and lemur.


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